Shelby County election official explains county’s vote counting process


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As the world watches to see if President Trump will remain the Commander-in-Chief, all eyes are on several states still counting votes.

Some of those include mail-in, provisional and military votes, and one of the big questions surrounding the tedious counting process is how secure it is.

Shelby County elections administrator walked us through what the counters are going through.

Elections might be called in Shelby County, but administrator of elections Linda Phillips and her team are still hard at work. She’s also following what we’re seeing nationally as votes in several states continue to be counted. 

“What I’m seeing is that the process works. You know it is way more important to count it accurately than to count it quickly,” Phillips said.

Trump has made claims of voter fraud, claims that so far have not been confirmed by election officials.

Phillips has worked on elections in Indiana, California, Georgia, South Dakota and Canada. We asked her what she thinks of the allegations.

“From what I have read does not appear to me to be fraud, it appears to be the process working and people reporting it not really understanding the checks and balances in place,” Phillips said.

We asked Phillips to explain some of those checks and balances.

“Well, the process we’re doing right now for our election is reconciliation,” Phillips said. “We go back, and we make sure that everything matches, all the votes are uploaded correctly, all the voters history is recorded correctly.”

 Along with address changes, she believes it could take up to November 23 when they certify the results, calling it a detailed process. They want to make sure every voters’ vote counts as they cast it.

She also addressed security measures.

“Well every state has slightly different laws, but I can assure you that every state has adequate levels of security over the physical election materials,” Phillips said. “There will be bipartisan control of everything, as it should be.”

 Phillips encourages everyone to take a few minutes and research election laws.

“I think if people knew that they would have more confidence in the process, because we do everything in a very careful, bipartisan, controlled manner,” Phillips said.

 You can click here to learn more about Shelby County’s process.

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