Commissioners address SCS request for budget “rollover”

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Shelby County commissioners are considering whether to allow Shelby County Schools to roll over funds from their 2019 budget.

Monday in a specially called meeting of the county’s education committee, there were plenty of questions for financial officers with Shelby County Schools. The anticipated rollovers are a result of construction projects that won’t be completed before the SCS budget year ends on June 30.

“We have approximately six projects that are on the agenda for June for our board to approve. So the funds rolling forward are all attached to a particular capital project,” Cerita Butler, Executive Director with Facilities Management, said.

Committee members expressed concern that SCS isn’t doing a better job of planning.

“It feels like the budget is padded in a way that we’re constantly rolling over money,” Tami Sawyer said. “So I would love for us to see those projects.”

SCS board members wouldn’t go on camera following the meeting, but commissioners agree rolling over funds for SCS isn’t fair to other schools in the district.

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