Shelby County clinic offering drive-through coronavirus testing

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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — A clinic has set up the first drive-through testing for coronavirus in Shelby County, testing any patient with symptoms or concerns, as long as the patient can pay for it.

The clinic is calling it a success and hopes to get more health care facilities on board.

The process fairly simple: A car pulls up in the back of Women’s Health Care Associates off Highway 64. The driver rolls down their window, and Dr. Andrenette Fleming, dressed head to toe in protective gear, swabs a specimen for coronavirus.

Results can take three to five days.

Drivers with an appointment can pull in for coronavirus testing at this facility in Shelby County. (Jessica Gertler, WREG)

“LabCorp came out here and said, ‘You guys have a great, a great setup,’” Fleming said.

Fleming said this is her first time testing for COVID-19.

She got the idea from LabCorp after they told her she had a great set up for drive-through testing. She started with 30 kits.

The clinic said it tested about 15 people and has another 15 people scheduled to be tested Wednesday.

One of the clients traveled from Colorado. Another couple had just come from New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Another young lady had a cold and fever.

David Orrico said other concerns drove him to want a test.

“I do in-home sales and I want to make sure I’m not spreading stuff,” Orrico said.

Fleming said patients had to make an appointment, but that didn’t stop people from showing up begging for one.

For those she could test, Fleming said the lab will bill those people $60, and she charged another $60 up front for the equipment.

“I’m not interested in a profit,” she said. “I really just want to show we can test in this office and we can test in other offices. The community wants other options. That’s all I did.”

Fleming said she will work on getting more tests and says you can give her a call at (901) 383-7446 if you’re interested. The office is located at 9005 Highway 64 in Arlington.

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