She Loves Out Loud: Prayer event unites Memphis women with women worldwide

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Part of a nationwide event that is empowering women through prayer this weekend will be happening right in Memphis.

Some of the biggest churches in Memphis will host the event and need more people to take part in it.

“We want women to come together,” said Bridgett Turner with She Loves Out Loud. “We are acknowledging the fact that women have a significant place in this world. I mean historically, women were the first to bring the good news that Christ Jesus had risen from the dead.”

Sitting side-by-side in the pews of Mississippi Boulevard Church, Turner and Donna Gaines explain the concept of She Loves Out Loud. Turner’s husband is the lead pastor at Mississippi Boulevard. Gaines’ husband is the lead pastor at Bellevue Baptist Church.

The women and others are calling on one million women across not only the country, but the world, to come together in prayer.

“We’re going to be talking about the various things women deal with,” Gaines said. “We’re talking about marriage and children and trauma and overcoming abuse, foster care and adoption.”

The concept of She Loves Out Loud originated in Florida, but the women have been promoting the upcoming event for the last few months.

“Let’s lock arms around this nation, across denomination and racial lines and call on God in prayer,” Turner said in a preview for the event.

The topic for Memphis is friendship and racial reconciliation.

The women are coming together representing Bellevue, a predominately white church, and Mississippi Boulevard, a predominately black church.

“God excludes no one,” Turner said.

“It’s important if we’re dealing with friendship and reconciliation for us to verbalize that we need each other, that we are sisters in Christ,” Gaines said. “Bridgett said earlier, we’re going to the same heaven, we serve the same God.”

They said overall, the goal is to heal the city through prayer.

“We want women to leave inspired,” Turner said. “We want women to leave empowered and equipped. Equipped to do something great in their community, in their families, in their homes and even on their jobs. We want women to have hope.”

There will be a live-stream of the event bringing Memphis together with other parts of the world.

Organizers are asking all women to come to the free event Saturday at 11 a.m. at Bellevue Baptist Church.

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