Sexual assault victims say endless court appearances delay closure

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MEMPHIS, Tenn.-- Rape victims WREG spoke to said every time they go to court it is like reopening old wounds.

The victims were in court listening to attorneys for the city of Memphis argue to get permission to take the city's immunity claim to a court of appeals. This is in regards to the thousands of rape kits left untested for years.

After court, WREG spoke with a woman who didn't feel comfortable identifying herself.
She was sexually assaulted back in 2000.

"It's very traumatizing but at the same time, we just have to be strong for one another. It's a whole lot of process to go to. "

This isn't her first time sitting through arguments by attorneys.

What she wants is pretty simple.

"For other victims not to go through this same process. So it can be a speedy process. And they won't be lacking on the evidence and taking their time," she said.

On attorneys for the city of Memphis presented an argument to the judge to seek an appeal to a second court for immunity from this case.

Laying out a laundry list of reasons and examples.

For victims, this is just a way to slow down the process for justice.

"The more you take your time the more time we have to hurt and we thinking the door is going to be closed. The door is constantly being opened. "

"Because they are trying to get an appeal before a trial and before producing legitimate evidence that might support their defenses because they're trying to do it at this early stage, it's still an early stage she has to give them permission to get an appeal," explained Daniel Lofton, attorney for the victims.

Which is now what the judge is deciding.

After hearing about an hours worth of arguments from both sides the judge said this is significant and she wants to take her time to look at the arguments.

There was not date given for when the judge would decide.

We'll let you know when we hear something.

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