Sources: Evidence Of Sex And Drug Paraphernalia At East High School

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(Memphis) Some are calling it East High School's dirty little secret, and parents want something done about it.

WREG obtained pictures and videos of what some say is going on in the school's basement. A former teacher says there's evidence of both sex and drug paraphernalia.

Whistle blowers say it's happened for too long.

WREG has even heard from a former teacher of East High who says administration is well aware of the problem going on underground.

For any parent, the video is disturbing. It shows a total of 13 used condoms.

The person who sent WREG the video says the condoms were in the basement of East High School.

“There were little hangouts scattered all around in the tunnels with paraphernalia and trash all around,” the anonymous source said.

“That's not good at all. That doesn't sound like a good situation,” said Memphis resident Austin Collazo.

You'd think condoms scattered in a school basement would get the administration to act, but a former teacher wrote WREG, saying the principal has known about the problem for years.

He tells us, “When I brought it to their attention, nothing was done about it. This was frustrating. Then the first time I found a condom, I took a picture with my phone and sent it to the principal. He told me not to take pictures."

The former teacher also tells us he caught students naked together in this basement, a secret hideaway that's never been fully secured by staff.

Mary Underwood's daughter graduated from East High in 2012.

“What is your feeling hearing about that?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Sad. Worried about the kids that are still there,” said Underwood.

We asked Shelby County Schools about how this was happening in East High.

The chief communications officer responded, "If we are given verifiable information, I will comment. If not. I will not."

We asked if the district would go down in the basement to investigate, but nobody would give an answer.

As for the person who shot the video, he says “It looks like something in the administration is broken. And either, A) the people in charge do not care or B) the people in charge are too incompetent to fulfill their jobs as administrators."

We asked Shelby County Schools what it plans to do about this problem, but right now it refuses to accept these accusations.


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