Downtown restaurant to reopen Tuesday after closure for sewage issues

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A popular downtown Memphis restaurant and bar was closed for about a week due to sewage issues, but it’s scheduled to reopen Tuesday.

Bardog Tavern has been closed for almost one week now and was even shut down on the restaurant’s 11th anniversary. It’s now scheduled to reopen Tuesday at 5 p.m.

Nearby business owners said the restaurant being closed continued a frustrating pattern on the busy street.

The trouble started last Thursday, when Bardog first announced it was temporarily closed while dealing with what they eventually called MLGW repairs.

It’s unclear when exactly the city began assessing and working on this sewage issue, but numerous workers and owners in the area said it was no surprise. They said the city is constantly having issues that impact business.

“All of these buildings are fairly old, all of the street work is fairly old,” said Teresa Ehemann, owner of Bogie’s Deli. “I think it’s time for them to think about how to fix this problem. I’m sure if it’s not here, it’ll be another block over.”

WREG reached out to the City of Memphis, and representatives said the sewage issue was at first an internal problem in the Bardog building, but then the private business notified the city of a further external problem. The city said it’s now digging and excavating the area to determine the best course of action.

Bardog representatives did not respond to interview requests, but the business was losing money every day, and employees were out of work, although some were given shifts at other bars in the ownership group. While Bardog appears to be the only establishment along Monroe affected for now, nearby owners are sympathetic.

“I’m devastated for Bardog,” Ehemann said. “If the break or the problem exists in the road and not inside the building, it’s definitely the City of Memphis.”

Representatives for the City of Memphis provided the following statement Tuesday.

City Environmental Engineering has confirmed there is an issue with the mainline. City crews met on site with MLGW and other utilities companies today to coordinate the necessary repairs during excavation.  The excavation downtown is very difficult due to space and utility conflicts and we are working to resolve the issue.  Bardog Tavern does have temporary service until the permanent solution can be complete.

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