Severe Weather can bring criminals out to your street

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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — Sheriff’s deputies arrested Darion Allen Monday night for supposedly calling pizza delivery men on Peppermill Lane near Shelby Drive and robbing them.

There were no witnesses to worry about in the violent rain storm.

“I think they’re not so smart but they know how to get over,” said one neighbor.

People on Peppermill couldn’t believe someone would be so bold in the middle of a downpour.

WREG learned that’s when the crooks like to strike.

“With the sounds of thunder they think sounds aren’t going to be noticed, or your car alarm has gone off three times the fourth it won’t be noticed,” said Sgt. Todd Cockman with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Deptartment.

Cockman said car thefts also rise when the rain falls.

“If you don’t have a garage you’re in the hurry to get in your house, you may not take the time to lock and secure your vehicle. You may not set your alarm especially with the rain we had Monday night.”

It happened in Germantown.

A couple was asleep right inside when their car was stolen right under their carport in Poplar Estates.

“If you think it makes sense all the good people are inside, the bad people are outside,” said John Thomas.

From Whitehaven to White Station, its something that hits us all.

As more storms are predicted, find your own way to stay safe.

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