Several women robbed at Bartlett businesses in less than a week


BARTLETT, Tenn. – – Several women have been robbed at Bartlett businesses in less than a week. Two of the incidents happened outside the Kroger at Kirby Whitten Parkway and Stage Road. One of them occurred Monday afternoon. 

Bartlett police say a woman was trying to fill up at the Kroger gas station on property. They say she left her car unlocked and walked into the store because her credit card wouldn’t work. When she came out her passenger door was open and her purse had been taken from the seat along with her keys, which were in the bag.

Looking for help, she went back into the store and that’s when police say someone jumped in her vehicle and drove off with it. The woman didn’t want to speak on camera but did show WREG a surveillance photo provided by Kroger. Investigators say the thief got out of a white Mercedes sedan before stealing the woman’s car.

The same thing happened to another woman last Thursday while she was at a gas station on Stage Road. Bartlett police have not named the gas station or specified the address. Investigators haven’t said if they think it’s the same thief but claim whoever it was also got out of a white sedan before robbing the victim.

A third incident happened around five Sunday evening while a woman was outside Kroger putting groceries in her trunk. Police say a man snatched her purse from the shopping cart while she wasn’t looking and ran off. Once again, the suspect got out of a white sedan.

One shopper WREG talked with says she always takes precautions wherever she shops.

“When I do get to my car I put my purse in first, lock the doors and then I put my groceries in the trunk but I always put my purse in the car on the floor first,” she said.

Police haven’t made any arrests.

Kroger says it’s added security guards and cameras to keep shoppers safe.

The safety of our customers and associates is our top priority. Kroger has added additional security personnel and cameras to provide a safe shopping experience. We are working with local authorities and have turned over all footage to the police. 

Kroger spokesperson

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