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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police say at least five people were shot in Raleigh late Monday night.

The shooting happened just before midnight at the Huntington Hills Apartment complex near the corner of James Road and Jackson Avenue. Police say a second location at the intersection of Austin Peay Highway and Yale Road is tied to the shooting.

Four adults from the apartment complex were located at the Regional Medical Center while a fifth was located in the 3600 block of Austin Peay.

No one in the Huntington Hill apartment complex wanted to show their face because they’re scared but several spoke to WREG about what happened.

“It sounded like someone was trying to break my door down that is how loud it was. My kids were scared I was scared,” said one resident.

“Always gunshots always gunfire.”

In fact, residents say not even one month ago it was the same routine, several rounds of bullets lighting up the night. Now some are thinking about moving after finding out this latest round of violence sent five people to the hospital.

“It just kept going, I thought it was never going to stop.”

One resident claims he saw the whole thing and he thinks it was two men who did the shooting before driving off in an SUV.