Several men robbed, beaten in Cooper Young parking lot

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Daniel Morgan never saw it coming. He and his friend were attacked in a parking lot behind Young Avenue Deli around midnight Monday.

“I was totally shell shocked,” he said.

He says they had just left the bar and were heading to the car when three vehicles pulled up. Men wearing bandannas and masks jumped out.

“They had pistols and assault rifles,” Morgan said.

He says they knocked him and his friend to the ground.

“He (one of the suspects) told me to give him all my stuff. So, I gave him my phone and my wallet, and he continued to kick me in the head.”

He says they beat his friend too before taking his wallet and phone.

“All I could hear with this going on is just him shreaking.”

Police say one of the suspects attacked another man on the other side of the parking lot and robbed him too. All three vehicles sped off after that.

“They didn’t have to hurt us. They didn’t have to traumatize us like that,” Morgan said.

Police believe the vehicles were taken in recent carjackings, including one at a Krystal in Hickory Hill. It happened about a half hour before the incident in Cooper Young.

“I’m just happy that no one’s ended up dead yet,” Morgan said.

Investigators think three suspects are behind the carjackings, Cooper Young attacks and a robbery from last week.

“I hope it’s worth it. Eventually, they’re going to get caught if they keep it up,” Morgan said.

He says he and his friend walked back to Young Avenue Deli and called police after the suspects left.

“I’ve been robbed. I’ve had my car broken into but I’ve never truly been mugged and beaten like that before.”

He says he and his friend are taking care of each other now.

“We’re definitely now closer than we ever thought we would be.”

Police have since recovered two of the stolen vehicles. Both were found abandoned.

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