Several close calls as strong winds bring down trees onto Arkansas homes

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WYNNE, Ark. — A sudden storm slammed a big swath of eastern Arkansas on Friday afternoon.

All across Cross County, homeowners have to pick up storm debris as power crews work to restore electricity. There were no reports of injuries, but there were a few close calls.

A peaceful afternoon for one Wynne couple took an unpredictable turn when out of nowhere, fierce winds caused a tree to crash into their home. The tree crashed just feet away from where Rebecca Lamastus was sitting.

“I was sitting right there in the living room, which was, I mean, you walk into our front porch, there’s our couch when it fell, so we was right there with it,” she said.

No one was injured at the home, and according to the Cross County Office of Emergency Management, no injuries were reported across the county.

In Earle, winds tore the roof off a school building.

A camper also flipped over in the middle of Highway 64.

The storms seemingly caught most people off guard.

“We did see a few dark clouds, and so we could kind of tell maybe something was coming, but we had no idea it was gonna be that strong,” Cindy Hess said.

The storm was strong enough to bring Jesse Robinson’s afternoon plans to a thunderous end.

“I was eating a little snack and was about to go take a nap, and the tree fell on the house,” Robinson said.

It landed right where Robinson said he would have been napping. His bedroom is now a maze of broken wood and sheetrock.

“It sounded like the house was literally about to be blown off the foundation,” Robinson said.

Authorities in Cross County couldn’t say how many properties in total were damaged.

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