MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The historic freeze has caused power outages, forced businesses to close and left citizens dealing with rough conditions.

With subzero temperatures across the Mid-South, Memphians are doing all they can to stay warm.

This degree of cold has not been felt in decades. It has resulted in rolling blackouts, businesses closing and MATA temporarily suspending services, leaving some stranded at bus stops.

Meanwhile, over at Glenmary Senior Living on North Parkway, residents tell WREG that the heat is not functioning properly, and they are suffering.

“Almost everybody in there has a coat on, and some people are going to their car,” said Joey Hadley, a Memphis resident.

“It’s just uncomfortable. Sometimes that’s the way life is; you just have to deal with what you have to deal with,” said a resident.

WREG reached out to the property manager, and they claimed the heat works. They acknowledged that the weather has some units cooler than others as maintenance works to address the problem.

The problem has impacted the lives of many Memphians this holiday season.

“It’s pretty to look at but hard to be out here,” said Hadley.

For a list of resources to help you navigate during this freeze, click here.