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(Senatobia, MS) Pull your pants up!

That’s the message being sent in Senatobia, Miss.

In December, a new law starts making it “uncomfortable” for people wearing their pants too low.

Three inches can make the difference in whether or not you’re violating Senatobia’s “saggy pants” ordinance.

Alderman Don Clanton said he’s tired of seeing people wearing their pants way too low.

Police Chief Steve Holts proposed the new “saggy pants” ordinance, which apparently passed without opposition.

“Our Chief came up with it, came up with the idea. And when he came up with the idea, we jumped on it, I did. And I think it was a unanimous decision,” said Alderman Clanton.

The ordinance stops you from wearing pants lower than three inches below the hips, exposing skin or undergarments.

Police will either respond to complaints about “saggy pants” or make their own visual judgement about what “falls” within the law.

Police could issue a simple warning or fine you anywhere from $50 to $150, plus eight hours community service.

But Alderman Don Clanton said police are not expected to start “packing” tape measures.

“We’re not going to just start going out here and just stopping people on the road and seeing if we can measure them for three inches. That’s not going to be the case,” said Clanton.

Clanton believes the ordinance will bring a sense of decency and respect back to the community of Senatobia.

Ashanti Taylor, who manages Okun’s Shoes and Apparel, thinks it’s a good idea.

She doesn’t mind saying why.

“I would have to say because no one wants to see your underwear. I don’t think no one want’s to see what kind of underwear you have on.  And probably half the time it may not even be clean,” said Ashanti Taylor.

The ordinance goes into effect December 5th.

Several other Mississippi communities have similar “saggy pants” ordinances, including Batesville.