Sen. Katrina Robinson’s defense team says Robinson faces financial hardships, students may be impacted


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The case against state senator Katrina Robinson continues.

Robinson, accused of embezzling thousands from the Healthcare Institute, made another virtual court appearance Friday.

Her defense says it will file five additional motions. Three will ask the court to dismiss the indictments against her. Another will be her property to be returned, specifically a Jeep she’s accused of buying for her daughter using grant money.

Her attorney says records were also seized pertaining to the institute and they say the concern is not whether the documents will be returned, but how they will be returned.

The attorney told the judge when federal agents raided the institute, they took multiple filing cabinets filled with records many of which are needed for students to graduate from the school.

The attorney says Robinson has “suffered severe financial hardship” due to indictment and is unable to pay for the resources to hire a moving company to collect the documents.

The government says the records have been physically available to Robinson since mid-November but says they will make electronic copies available next week.

But Robinson’s defense says that won’t work since many of the documents for those graduating students need to be notarized. However, the defense says they will work with the government on different ways to get the records hopefully by next week.

Robinson’s next court date will be held virtually March 12 at 11 a.m.

The Tennessee state senator was indicted by a grand jury on 48 charges of theft and embezzlement involving government programs, and wire fraud related to her Cordova school, the Healthcare Institute. She has pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutors are negotiating with the defense on when would be an appropriate time to respond to the motions.

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