Security firm owner denies claims he inappropriately touched employee


Joseph Thomas Sr.

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MILLINGTON, Tenn. — A Millington security company owner accused of sexual battery is denying an ex-employee’s allegations.

Millington police issued a warrant for Joseph Thomas Sr.’s arrest on May 2 after Caralie Clark reported that he had gyrated against her twice during the same day in late April while she was working as an administrative assistant at Lonewolf Security.

“He proceeded to press his entire body against mine, like, his front to my back. He grabbed my hips, gyrated against me, and put his face in my neck,” Clark told WREG Wednesday.

Thomas tells WREG that there were only two times he touched Clark. Once, he said his head accidentally came in contact with her head when he turned and didn’t realize she was next to him. On another occasion, he said he touched her back as he was trying to move past her.

He vehemently denies ever gyrating against her.

“When you gyrate somebody, that means you’re kind of grinding on them and wiggling around and doing all that stuff. And you would think if somebody don’t like it they would say, ‘Hey, don’t do that,’ and ‘I don’t like that’ or scream,” Thomas said. “I mean, do something to let me know that I’m wrong if that was something that I was doing. But once again, this is an office environment, so I had no reason to do anything like that.”

Clark said he wasn’t aware Millington police were investigating until the warrant was issued. At that point, he said he was already out of the country.

Thomas said he plans to turn himself in once he gets back in town but couldn’t say when that would be.

As of Thursday evening, the warrant was still active.

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