Security company owner wanted for sexual battery after employee claims he gyrated against her

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MILLINGTON, Tenn. — A warrant has been issued for the owner of a Millington security company after a woman claims he sexually assaulted her while she was working for him.

On its website, Lonewolf Security proclaims, “your peace of mind is our concern.” But Caralie Clark says her brief time working there as an administrative assistant shattered her peace of mind.

“For like the first month it was just me and the owner,” Clark said.

Through March and April, Clark said a disturbing pattern of behavior began to emerge.

She said Joseph Thomas Sr. would make creepy comments, asked for a picture of her and even invited her to his apartment.

“He would randomly come up and, like, tickle me.”

With a young child at home and another on the way, Clark said quitting was out of the question. But what she says happened the last week of April crossed the line from creepy to full-blown assault.

“He proceeded to press his entire body against mine, like, his front to my back. He grabbed my hips, gyrated against me, and put his face in my neck,” said Clark.

She said he proceeded to do the same thing a second time later that day.

She filed a report with the Millington Police Department, and on May 2, they issued a warrant for sexual battery.

Clark supplied WREG with text messages Thomas sent her a day after the warrant was issued in which he confronts her about the police report, and then fires her, writing, “I’m sorry you had to involve the police in such a trivial matter.”

“I was hoping that, first of all, he would, like, immediately get arrested, and that I could just continue to go do my job in his absence,” Clark said.

Instead, she’s unemployed and says she has hundreds of dollars in unpaid wages still owed to her that her fugitive former boss refuses to pay.

“He tried to take my dignity from me and now he took my job and my way of supporting myself and my son,” Clark said.

Clark said she has a meeting scheduled with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

WREG emailed Thomas at the address listed on Lonewolf’s website but hasn’t received a response.

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