Second West Memphis murder suspect arrested, charged with capital murder

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WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. — Two weeks after an arrest was made in a West Memphis homicide, another suspect is charged with capital murder.

Less than a week ago, the family of Greg Northington spoke with WREG and were adamant he is innocent, and the judge was so convinced that bond was set, despite the capital murder charge.

Now, a second suspect has been arrested for capital murder, while Northington remains behind bars.

The homicide happened Sept. 30, when Reco Eason was shot and killed on S. 20th Street. The next day, Northington was arrested on a capital murder charge, despite claims from his family that he is innocent.

The house Northington lives in with his wife and child has an ADT security system and a Ring surveillance camera, and the family said with Northington arriving home at 9:44 p.m. and not leaving all night long, with the murder occurring just two hours later, there’s no way he could have pulled the trigger.

“I will tell you this: we maintain our innocence, absolutely,” Northington’s attorney John Landis said. “We’ve got a solid alibi. He maintains his innocence. He’s absolutely innocent.”

After reviewing the evidence, Northington was granted a $350,000 bond, but with strict conditions. His lawyers said because Northington faces other drug-related charges, the state blocked his release. He remains behind bars.

Now, there’s been another arrest in the case. Markeeta Williamson, 34, was arrested last Friday for capital murder, and WREG has confirmed it is in relation to the Eason homicide. Northington’s family is adamant that he and Williamson have no connection.

When she was arrested, Williamson was extradited from Memphis into West Memphis. We visited two addresses associated with her name, but both seemed to be abandoned.

We also spoke with West Memphis Police, who have only provided heavily redacted affidavits at this point, but they said the investigation is still ongoing. Northington’s family admits their loved one is not perfect but did not commit murder.

“It’s just something I think that they want to pin on him because of how the police act with him and because of his background history,” Northington’s mother Gloria Burch said. “That has a lot to do with it.”

Northington’s legal team said they are waiting for the investigation to end so that the charges can be filed in circuit court.

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