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(Dyer Co., TN) Karen Swift, a mother of four children, disappeared in October 2011.Her body was found a months later a few miles away from her Dyer County home.

That home is now at the center of attention again after lawmen searched her house.

Her husband, David Swift, still lives at there with some of their children.

Thursday, no one answered the door at the Swift residence on Willie Johnson Road north of Dyersburg, even though there were two cars parked in the driveway.

It appeared quiet at the two-story house and a far cry from Wednesday night, when investigators from Dyer County showed up with a search warrant and went to work.

James Davis lives near the Swift home and noticed all the activity.

“There was lots of cars went past, backwards and forwards, as usual when something goes on you know,” Davis said.

Davis says he remembers when volunteers searched the countryside for the 44-year-old woman.

He also recalls how hopes of finding her alive soon turned to despair.

“Just wondering every day if a body was going to turn up or something. And finally it did. But we still didn’t have no clues of what done it or who done it or whatever,” he said.

No one has been charged with Karen Swift’s murder, and the autopsy report remains sealed.

Sheriff Jeff Box wouldn’t say what evidence investigators took from the home but did say David Swift was not taken into custody.

West of the Swift home, kudzu vines have overgrown the spot where the mother’s body was found, as well as the makeshift memorial left by her friends.

But Davis says he’s not about to forget the horrible crime,

“We hate to see anybody just absolutely get by with murder,” he said.

Wednesday night was reportedly the third time law enforcement officers have searched the Swift home.

Karen Swift was last seen in her home, even though she had filed for divorce from David Swift a few weeks before she disappeared.