SCSO finds 75-year-old man who disappeared at Meeman Shelby Forest State Park over the weekend


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office found 75-year-old, Hugh Haraway after he disappeared at Meeman Shelby Forest State Park over the weekend.

The family of Haraway was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude on Monday. Right before noon, they received the news that their love one was found alive.

“They’re lifesavers,” Will and Lee Haraway, sons of Hugh Haraway, said. “Total lifesavers to find our dad. Everybody was just amazing. Great energy. It makes you proud to be part of the human race.”

John Morris of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said Haraway was found in a ravine 40 to 50 feet deep. Morris said Haraway thought it was best to stay in a position there and let officials come to him.

That is exactly what they did nearly two days later. SCSO said Haraway is very familiar with the park and was able to reach his wife Saturday to let her know he needed help.

Search crews tracked his cell phone before it died to narrow down his location and from there more than 200 people searched by air, foot, and ATV. But they did not do it alone, as they kept the park open so volunteers could assist, and the response was overwhelming.

“So many neighbors and friends that knew this gentlemen and they all bonded and came together and did a great, great job,” Morris said.

Mr. Haraway’s family said he was in pretty good condition when crews found him, and the sheriff’s office said Haraway was alert when they found him.

He was taken to the hospital but is expected to be ok.

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