SCS parent explains challenges she went through to get her children into a virtual classroom


MEMPHIS, Tenn. – One Shelby County Schools’ mother said she went through several hurdles to get her children into a virtual classroom despite having them registered.

Keisha Faulkner has three children and said she was going through many challenges trying to get them into a virtual classroom. She said last November, the children switched schools and attended Chimneyrock up until the pandemic started. But, when she tried to register her children into school this school year, that is when she hit a snag.

“My children are two weeks behind,” Faulkner said. “And I just think that they’ve had ample time to put together a worst-case and best-case scenario. We’re talking about children who have been deprived of education since March.”

Faulkner said she went to register this year and said the school told her the students’ registration still showed Downtown Elementary. After a handful of phone calls and emails, all of her children were finally successfully registered to the right schools. But there was still a problem. Her children could not get into a virtual classroom.

“But as of now, they still have no classes even though they have their devices,” Faulkner said. “It’s been changed in the system, I can see on the device that they’re registered to Chimneyrock but as of now they’ve not been placed in a classroom.”

Faulkner said she called the school last week, and she was told they were behind because so many families registered late. She was understanding but then said she continued to get the run-around until WREG-TV got involved.

The district told WREG-TV the issue was resolved and that the students are now scheduled for classes starting tomorrow.

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