SCS parents frustrated by computer problems, long lines at tech support


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Many Shelby County Schools’ parents said they are growing frustrated when they bring their digital devices to support centers to get them fixed.

There are roughly 95,000 students across Shelby County learning virtually. With so many students using digital devices, there will be situations when technical issues arise.

Many parents are saying they are running into issues when they try to get those devices fixed.

“My son was in school, and he just was on the computer, and it just shut down on him,” Erica Glover said. “The whole screen went blank, now we can’t get on.”

Parents were lined up at the school systems Technical Repair Assistance Center on Knight Road. It’s one of two places you’re supposed to go, if you’re having problems with your school-issued computer or iPad.

Glover said SCS need to come up with a better way of getting the devices fixed.

“They need to come up with another plan,” Glover said. “I mean every day we been having issues with our computer.”

One parent who showed up at the tech center on Jackson Avenue and said she was faced with a long line. She went to WREG’s Facebook page to complain and said she had been told to come pick you the device she had dropped off two weeks ago.

But then had to wait in line for an hour only to be told they were closing early. She did finally get her device, but she was not the only one voicing concerns.

WREG-TV asked the Shelby County School system about the delay. They said they are working through many of the problems, but parents are encouraged to follow the process.

Get a ticket and don’t just show up at the support center causing further delays.

“We ask for grace,” said Jerica Phillips, SCS spokesperson. “We ask for patience. Again, understand that this is an unprecedented time. Our call volumes for support are going to be high.”

Despite long lines at the tech centers, the Shelby County School System says out of 95,000 students, overall very few of them are having problems with their devices. But for those families that do, it’s something else to deal with.

WREG-TV asked Shelby County Schools for the number of devices that are having problems, and the number of cases they’ve worked at tech-support.

We’re waiting to hear back, but they stress because of security and synchronized learning they do want students to use the school systems devices instead of their own.

If you are having problems with your computer, you can call the technical repair and assistance center at 901-416-5300 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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