SCS: District has not received TNReady scores

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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — Shelby County School District spokespeople said they still haven’t gotten the results back from the TNReady tests, which means those scores won’t be counted in students’ final report cards.

Last year, the testing materials weren’t ready in time for many schools and ended up not counting as well.

“I remember it being a big deal, administrators being upset about it, parents being upset about it and they were really hopeful that this year would be successful,” said Kathy Walker whose daughter is a 7th grader.

This year, the schools got the materials on time, but the district said they still haven’t received the TNReady test scores and don’t know when they will.

Districts can opt out of using the scores if they haven’t gotten them within five days of the end of the school year. The last day of school is Friday.

“I’m disappointed to hear the results won’t be back in time.”

Families will get to see the scores when they’re back, but they won’t be factored into student report cards.

The district said they’ll use the scores for teacher evaluations, and school and district accountability when they get them.

State education leaders released a statement that said school districts were on different timelines for when they could expect to receive raw score data. It went on to say:

“We have also communicated that because materials could be received on different timelines and because districts have varying last days of school, many districts would be eligible for the flexibility provided in law. State statute and state board rule provides for district choice on whether to include TNReady in students’ grades if scores are not received within five days of the end of the school year. State law empowers local choice in this decision. If a district is eligible for this flexibility, they may choose whether to include scores for all students, incorporate scores within some grades or courses but not others, or to exclude scores altogether. It is also a district’s choice whether to hold report cards in order to include raw score data. Districts who fall within that flexibility have made different decisions.”

State education leaders told WREG in April they expected this year to run smoother after they made adjustments like changing technology companies, shortening the state test and phasing into online assessments.

SCS: District has not received TNReady scores

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