Shelby County Schools continues to work on reopening plans


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Shelby County School Board continues to work on a plan to reopen the local schools while making sure students and staff are safe.

This is a problem school systems across the country are facing.

“This is pretty much uncharted territory and we’ve got just once chance to get it right,” District Board Member Michelle McKissack said.

SCS board members took questions from the public during Tuesday night’s board meeting.

The district says concrete answers about getting children back into learning environments do not exist just yet but they are working hard to hammer out the details.

“It’s kind of hard. But we are most definitely asking the public to patient with us,” District Board Member Stephanie Love said. “It’s going to be a robust plan to make sure that everything that needs to take place is included.”

SCS is still working through projections for every last procedure from busses, classroom size and scheduling.

However, district leaders say safety is the priority.

“It has to be safety first. Because, if you don’t feel safe and secure, how can you clear your mind to think and to learn? So that’s why it’s paramount that we focus on safety,” McKissack said.

The district is planning more public meetings in order to hear from parents as they work on the details. They will be announcing the date and times over the next couple of weeks.

“This cannot be a cookie cutter, one size fits all plan. It has to be a plan that takes into consideration the different family needs that we most definitely service,” Love said.

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