Scottish tourist who touched man in Dubai bar allowed to go home

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DUBAI — A day after the news that a Scottish tourist would spend three months in jail after touching a man at a Dubai bar in July comes word that he’ll avoid that fate entirely.

Detained in Dubai, the group that has been championing Jamie Harron’s cause, says the 27-year-old had his sentence nullified by special order of Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum.

There are various accounts that differ on what exactly happened that night.

Harron  maintained he was walking with a drink in the crowded Rock Bottom Cafe when he put out his hand “to avoid impact” with a patron. However, the accuser told NPR Harron touched him, and when confronted gave the man the middle finger.

Another source quoted one of Harron’s friends as saying Harron touched the accuser’s arm. He stated Harron immediately apologized and then “patted him on his behind in a gesture that meant he was sorry.”

The Independent reported the order apparently takes effect immediately, with the Justice4Jamie Facebook group noting Harron “was told to come to the police station to collect his passport.” And though the CEO of Detained in Dubai said there were some concerns the passport line was just a ruse to get Harron into police hands, she confirms his passport was indeed returned and “he was told that he was free to go. … He faces no order for deportation.”

Harron’s ordeal may not be over: Detained in Dubai said in a press release it expects Harron “will initiate civil proceedings against his accusers, Emad Tabaza and the company he works for, Neuman & Esser, as the allegations against him have been definitively proven false and slanderous, and have caused him tremendous suffering and financial loss.”

The Guardian previously reported Harron had lost his job, was struggling to keep his home, and had mounting legal bills over the incident.

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