House subcommittee approves school vouchers bill

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JACKSON, Miss. . — The Mississippi House Education Subcommittee approved the school vouchers bill, which will now be sent to the full committee for review.

The bill, called the Education Scholarship Account Bill, aims to redirect state education funds to pay for other education expenses for students whose needs are not being met in public school.

The funds can be used for private school tuition, tutoring, education therapy, textbooks or other education-related needs.

The state determined the following scholarship amounts, which is money the state would otherwise use to support the student in public school:

  • Students with special needs: $6,500
  • Low-income students: $5,000
  • Middle-income students: $4,000
  • All other students: $3,000

The vouchers program is capped at 1 percent of public school enrollment, but it will grow by 1 percent each year.


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