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(Memphis) It’s not what you’d expect at a school: students being asked not to think!

“We are calling it a mental recess,” said Greg Graber, the head of middle school at Lausanne Collegiate School.  “We really think this is going to help them, to sit and do nothing for 10-15 minutes and try to relax their minds to get distressed and unplugged.”

The Lausanne Collegiate School in East Memphis is trying a different way to get kids focused.

Starting in September, Middle schoolers 10 to 14 years old are going to get the option, of skipping recess to sit and do nothing.

“Have you ever tried meditation?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“No,” said Eighth Grade Student Tony Chan.

Graber, who thought-up the idea, says meditation is going to help students de-stress and do better on standardize tests.

He says it will also give them a break from technology, “They are plugged into their computers, their iPads, their iPhones.”

While mediation is even difficult for adults to do, Graber says the goal is for students to experience a quite mind just a few minutes a week.

Graber says they’re trying to make meditation sound appealing to students by explaining how professional athletes, like Tiger Woods, use it to perfect their game.