School closure vote delayed

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — School board members took a beating Tuesday as many supporters of Carver High School sat in on their board meeting.

“Flip flop, flip flop, it's what this transparent board does. Will this school close? Will it remain open? No one knows."

That's still the case when it comes to both Carver High and Raleigh-Egypt Middle. Superintendent Dorsey Hopson wants Carver to close due to lack of students and success, but alums and community leaders are fighting the move, and the board isn't voting until they have another meeting to listen.

“If we didn't have an argument, they would already have made a decision,” said Pastor Ralph White, a Carver supporter.

There was no decision for Raleigh-Egypt Middle, a school the district closed and now is considering opening again after the Achievement School District offered to help pay for the successful IZone program there.

“If there's an opportunity to reclaim a school without the name and expense of IZone, I think you as superintendent should entertain that,” said board member Kevin Woods.

“We  just don't think we have enough time to serve kids at the high level we always serve kids,” Hopson said.

It’s another situation where students don't know where they'll go at the end of summer break.

More meetings will be held with community members, and no specific vote date has been set just yet.

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