School bus caught speeding in Arkansas

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COLT, Ark. -- Caught on camera! A woman in Colt, Arkansas captured what appeared to be a school bus barreling down a gravel road going at least 70 miles per hour.

"This is all gravel. This isn`t something that you want to speed on. One loose patch and you`re gone."

After months of watching the same thing happen, Sarah Hicks decided to pull out her phone and record as the school bus raced down County Road 245.

"I`m going 50 at the moment," Hicks could be heard saying in the video.

As the bus continued down the road, Hicks said she struggled to keep up.

"I say it was going 70. I was going 55. I got up to 60 and it was still, you can tell in the video, it was still a good ways ahead of me."

A spokesperson for Forrest City Schools said they've seen the video and said an investigation is underway.

Hicks said they need to.

"What if one of those kids were to run out in front of him in the morning, that was waiting on that bus? There`s no time for him to stop. He would hit `em."

Until then, she said she will have her phone handy should the driver ever do it again.

"You send your kids to school and you put them on a bus with someone that you think is gonna be responsible for them and be responsible enough to take care of them and keep them safe. The driving that he`s doing, that`s not safe."

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