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(Memphis) A Shelby County School will now accept a project on God that a student was told to take home last month.

“I didn’t want any money. I strictly wanted Erin’s right to be able to express herself not to ever be taken away again,” said Erica Shead.

Her daughter Erin’s teacher asked her last month to pick an idol for a school assignment.

Erin chose God, but was told by her teacher to choose someone else.

“It was kind of like wow, she can talk about Michael Jackson but she can’t talk about God. But of course we know it is her constitutional right to be able to express herself religiously on paper,” said Erica.

Since the assignment, the Liberty Institute got involved and now SCS has decided to accept and grade the assignment.

“I just wanted every Christian to know that we have a right to be able to express ourselves. We understand that they’ve taken prayer out of schools but they cannot take God out of our children,” said Erica.