Savannah still cleaning up after Tennessee River flood

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HARDIN COUNTY, Tenn. — As rivers flood towns north of the Mid-South, people in Hardin County, Tennessee are sending their thoughts and prayers three months after the Tennessee River flooded hundreds of homes around Savannah.

Barbara Arnold’s house was one of dozens of homes damaged by floods in February.

“My neighbors came to see if my house was flooded. The came up in a pontoon boat and they tied it off right there. They said they waded water on his front porch to open the door,” she said.

Arnold says she’s lucky she can afford to pay for renovations to her home, which are still underway months after the flood hit.

“I’ve had to replace my heating unit, all my duct work, ripped out the basement, redo all the wiring,” she said.

She says some of her neighbors had it much worse and were left with only a pile of rubble.

Arnold says her heart goes out to those who are now fighting floods and trying to save their homes.

“It’s up all over their homes. I just feel horrible for them. It’s just horrible.”

While the water has receded in Hardin County, the memories still linger. At Hagy’s Catfish Hotel, things are back to normal after the Tennessee River shut down the restaurant for a month.

Manager Joey McAfee says it took a massive effort to get the 80-year-old business opened again, after a lot of scrubbing and cleaning.

McAfee says his heart goes out to the victims of floods in neighboring states.

“Oh, I feel sorry for them yes. It’s a bad thing to experience, really.”


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