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(Sardis, MS) Five people have been charged in the murder of 15-year-old leaving a football game at North Panola High Friday night.

Panola County Sheriff Dennis Darby did not say exactly what each person is charged with Sunday afternoon.

The Sheriff and the D.A. will release more details at a press conference Monday afternoon.

Roderick Bobo was a tenth grader at the school.

“In my mind and my head, I still don’t believe it until I see him in that casket,” said Mashanta Bobo, Roderick’s cousin.

The Panola County Sheriff says a bullet pierced through Roderick’s chest during a shootout.

People from two different groups were shooting as the crowd started leaving the ball game. Another person was hit in the hand.

Roderick’s cousins left the school just before bullets started flying.

“They just said 2 boys started shooting. They shot him,” said cousin, Mydasia Cox.

The family blames Roderick’s murder on an ongoing feud between teens in two towns.

“It’s just Como and Sardis. They always be at the games. It’s just gangs and drama,” said Cox.

“What is it worth? What is it worth? You are dying before your time,” expressed Roderick’s cousin, Courtney McGill.

Right now, 13 people are in custody being questioned.

Investigators are also looking at three surveillance videos from the school to see who pulled the trigger. Panola County Sheriff Dennis Darby says deputies have interviewed dozens of witnesses.

“We’re not going to tolerate this. We know every name that’s come up. If they keep continuing, we’re going to have them all locked up,” said Darby.

It’s a deadly fight that leaves a whole family grieving.

Roderick’s little cousin Dre tells News Channel 3 what he’ll miss the most about the teen who everyone described as a jokester.

“We used to wrestle,” said Dre Webb. Even though the three-year-old may not understand fully what happened, he knows he will never again “play fight” with his big cousin.

“I love Roderick,” said Webb.

Even though the deadly shootout happened after a game, Sheriff Darby doesn’t believe people should be afraid to go to other games. Darby says the department will beef up security next week.