Sanford: One group looks to the future, while other clings to the past


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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two newsworthy developments this week – both involving Memphis – offer a revealing look at where two groups of leaders want to take our city and state.

One group is clearly looking toward the future with job growth and cutting edge technology. The other group is mired in the past using legislative power to fight anyone opposed to honoring the old Confederacy.

The more positive development was an announcement Wednesday by executives of FedEx that the shipping giant will spend $1 billion to upgrade its hub operation in Memphis. The six year project will create plenty of new construction jobs  plus additional high tech employment once the upgrades are complete. The capital investment means FedEx is linking its long-term success to the economic future of Memphis.

Meanwhile, state lawmakers are still angry at city leaders for figuring out how to legally take down Confederate statues last December. A House subcommittee approved a bill Wednesday to make it more difficult to remove monuments and to punish cities financially for doing so.

So there you have it.

FedEx, our largest private employer, is focused on a bright future, and remains bullish on Memphis while a few retro legislators keep forcing us back to a shameful era of oppression, slavery and racism.

It`s easy to see which move is best for Memphis.

Commentary provided by Otis Sanford

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