Salvation Army needs your help as donations dry up amid pandemic


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Many in the Mid-South are stretched thin trying to make ends meet, but if you received your stimulus check and have a few extra bucks to spare, the Salvation Army could use your help.

“We operate on about a $350,000 a month budget and we’ve seen a 15% decrease in gifts over the last month, which is understandable, but we really need to make up that ground,” said Aaron Keegan, development director with Salvation Army Memphis.

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Rebecca, a 27-year-old mother who says she was once addicted to drugs, said the Salvation Army gave her the fresh start she needed.

“I had nothing, couldn’t do nothing for myself, no job,” she said.

But Rebecca said she’s a new person since she started the Renewal Place program at the Salvation Army of Memphis’ Purdue Center of Hope.

“I think I’m more confident. I’m happier, way happier,” she said. “Since I’ve been here it just renews your whole life. “

She’s now going to cosmetology school and has custody of her young son. 

At the Purdue Center of Hope, which provided help to 80 to 100 women and children every day, someone does care. Right now, the place bringing so much light to others could use your help. 

If you have a portion of your stimulus check you are willing to donate, $1,200 in a one-time or monthly gift looks like this can equal five months of housing and food for a single woman, three months of housing and food for a mother and child or two months of housing and food for a mother and child along with therapeutic case management. 

This year the Salvation Army of Memphis is celebrating its 120th anniversary. Their goal is to get 120 donors, donating $120 a month. That comes out to about $4 a day, about the cost of a cup of coffee. 

Donate to the Salvation Army Memphis here

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