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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — If you shop at c, your personal information may have been stolen.

Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc. announced they have had a data breach and debit and credit card numbers might have leaked.

Sally beauty refused to say which stores or even states may be affected and that didn’t sit well with shoppers.

Shopper Allison Palmer uses a debit card all the time, but said she may not be swiping it at any Sally Beauty Supply store anytime soon.

“I think it could cause commotion,” she said.

The chain had another breach last March.

Some of their shoppers, like Marilyn Andereck, were already comparing it to other major corporations’ leaks.

“I won’t go to Target anymore, because of all the problems they had,” Marilyn Andereck said.

Although the chain has more than 3500 stores in 11 different countries, it wouldn’t  say where the breach happened or which customers were at risk.

” We will not speculate on the scope of the intrusion as our forensics investigation is still underway,” President  and CEO Chris Brickman said in a statement.

Some shoppers in Memphis said they could be understanding about the breach itself.

“I think the business should do everything they can to protect their customers identities, but somethings are just unavoidable,” Palmer said.

Palmer did not understand why Sally wouldn’t tell shoppers whether they, personally, needed to be worried.

“I would definitely want to know to keep a check on my bank account and to make sure my money still there and make sure something hasn’t personally happened to me,” Palmer said.

The company encouraged all customers to watch their bank accounts closely.

It said shoppers would not be responsible for fraudulent charges.

To reach Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc. with concerns, call 1-866-234-9442.