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(Memphis) -You might say the Greenbriar Apartment Complex is an example of how city and county leaders are working to make thing safer for people where they live.

“It’s real. It’s wonderful and helps me and my family be in a safe place,” says Greenbriar resident Jacinda Ragland, who is raising a young daughter.
She says the Greenbriar Apartments have transformed in the 2 years she’s lived here.

” It’s very important to me. Very important. I am really so glad they are getting the bad people out and putting the good ones in,” says Ragland.

Greenbriar is now a Safeways Certified Community.
Greenbriar’s management has partnered with the Safeway project to reduce crime and improve living conditions.

“We have a nationally certified inspector who actually comes out and walks the property during the day looking at entrances, exits, landscaping, lighting and really determines what kind of security measures are in place in a particular community and we make recommendations on that,” says Julaine Harris, Executive Director of the Safeways Certification Program.

Police are on site, keeping down problems and bonding with residents.
Safeways also helps apartment managers offer programs like nutritional planning for families.
The Anti-Trespass Program and Cyber-Watch are also here.

“If we have a place where folks want to live and raise their children and go to school this is what we need long-term to make our properties successful,” says Robert Hyde of ALCO Management, the company that manages Greenbriar Apartments.

“Folks in here that have no business, we are gonna get them out. Get them out quickly. Just look at how peaceful it is here. This is one of those instances where we have all come together and it is making a difference,” says Memphis Mayor A C Wharton.

There are 13 more apartments in Memphis designated as Safeways Properties and more are in the works.

Safeways says in 2013,  10 of its 15 properties reduced crime, eight of them by at least 50-percent.
The program is funded through grants and fees the apartments pay.