Safari Wild Animal Park and Preserve opens in Mississippi

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Camels, zebras and giraffes, oh my! You wouldn’t expect to find these animals, of all places, in Como, Mississippi. But you can at Safari Wild Animal Park and Preserve.

It may look like a scene out of Jurassic Park, but these inquisitive ostriches are part of a unique in Mississippi.

Madison Garrett is co-owner. She says this 467-acre site is ideal for people to experience hundreds of animals from Africa, right in the heart of the Mid-South.

“We picked Como because it was just south of Memphis. There’s land enough, a beautiful piece of property that’s just absolutely perfect for our animals.”

The park in finally open after two years of planning, getting animal permits from the USDA and building roads and security fencing.

There’s still some construction going on, but Thursday the park held what’s called a “soft” opening. “Just to prepare ourselves, our staff and the animals as well. Just to prepare them for the cars that will come through,” Garrett said.

A grand opening will be held in a few weeks.

Visitors to the park travel six miles of safari road with animals around every turn.

“When you drive through, they’ll be there watching you. You can see them from your car,” Garrett said. There are giraffes, six in all, as well as antelope, zebras, llamas and much more.

There are some spots along the tour where you can feed some of the animals. And there’s also in indoor petting zoo.

People we talked with are excited about the park.

There are two vet techs on the property who check on the animals everyday. We’re told plans are to acquire more animals in the future, including one or more rhinocerous.

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