MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Sunday morning, a workout group got together to run up the stairs at Butler Park off Riverside Drive in honor of the stairs first responders were climbing to save lives after planes hit each of the Twin Towers.

They started with a stretch, then a moment of silence at 8:46 — the time the first plane hit the north tower…
after that participant hit the stairs… climbing, up and down 28 times to match the distance first responders would have had to climb to reach those on the top floors of the towers that were hoping to be rescued.

“The 9/11 memorial stair climb, all over the country group of people are getting together to honor those who gave their lives during the attacks on September 11,” Sean Powers said, Studio Manager of Shred 415.

The gym Shred 415 on Peabody Place put on the event. It started off as a small group, but it grew as time went on.

“The fact that our workout place decided to do this and there are random people just walking out and asking can the join in because it means too much to them too,” Mady McIntyre said.

Those who participated said it gives them a better appreciation of what first responders went through to save lives on 9/11.

“They were weighted they were hot, they had gear on. we are just climbing up the stairs with a group of our friends, it’s amazing to think about what they did and what they went through to try to save those lives and to think a lot of them lost their lives in the process,” Amanda Lott said, owner of Shred 415.

“Not knowing what they were going to get to at the top, not knowing how many bodies and they definitely did not know another plane was going to hit,” McIntyre said.

Climbers also say it is a good way to start a new week after the tragic events of last week in Memphis.

“We got together and ran for Eliza. We’ve worked at the end of our classes and dedicated those last 60 seconds to finish hard and finish it for her,” Lott said. “And it is just another addition. It is a sad day that you are remembering, but like anything in Memphis we come together, and we support and we rally behind it.”

This was the first year for the climb, but they hope to make it an annual event.