Rows of cars on Raleigh road frustrate neighbors

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Neighbors in Raleigh say for decades, one resident has parked dozens of cars outside of his home, many of them not running, causing an eyesore in the community.

Now there’s a united front to clean out the space and keep everyone safe.

Rows of cars are lined up, blocking an entire lane on Felton Road. Cedric Ray called WREG to air his frustrations.

“If someone comes down the street we have to dodge his cars,” Ray said. “His cars are blocking the other lane.”

Ray said Code Enforcement will cite the owner and take them to court, but the cars are still there.

Some neighbors say they’ve waited at least two decades for a solution to the problem.

According to the city, the homeowner is due back in Environmental Court to sort things out on June 19.

He claimed Wednesday to be taking care of it. That reassurance helps, but for Ray, the cars can’t be moved quickly enough.

“He’s killed my property value,” Ray said.

One time, he said, one of the cars caught fire in front of the house. He also thinks animals could be living in some of the vehicles.

Ray understands it’s a process, but he says something has got to give.

“This ain’t no junkyard,” he said. “Them cars, they got to go.”

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