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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Welcome To Memphis.

That was the caption written on a Snapchat video Ruchee Patel and her friends shot over the weekend.

“They weren’t violent,” Patel described. “They were clearly having a good time. It just seemed really inappropriate. Just crazy.”

Similar video obtained by WREG from early Sunday morning showed a group of people blocking off Main and Vance with their cars.

“All of these cars just start coming down, barreling down Vance from either side,” Patel explained. “I thought one of the cars was going to run me over.”

Patel said the cars parked, blasted their music and had a party in the middle of a busy street.

“It makes Memphis look like we don’t have things under control here,” Patel said.

“I think probably with it being the holiday and tourists and that sort of thing, some people might be a little apprehensive if they saw that,” Temple Donahue said.

Some people who lived downtown said with the large crowds and the amount of traffic from over the weekend, there should have been more police on the streets.

“It was clear that downtown was busy and packed,” Patel said. “So, I would’ve though more cars would have been down here — out looking for trouble.”

When WREG showed the video to other Memphians, they did not seem to see trouble at all.

“They weren’t causing any trouble and I guess no fights broke out, noting happened. So, I guess it was okay,” Donahue said.

“Whenever there’s holiday weekends unfortunately if you live downtown here you kind of as a rule stay in and avoid the crowd,” Patel said.