Rookie returns to work as Grizzlies open Training Camp

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MEMPHIS — As the Grizzlies hit the floor at FedExForum Tuesday for their first day of training camp, all eyes were on the number two overall pick Ja Morant to see how Morant would look during his first practice since minor knee surgery back in may.

To hear head coach Taylor Jenkins describe things, Ja looked like the old Ja.  “He looked great, picked up and jumped into the mix. He’s such a smart kid, grasped everything both offensively and defensively. Body’s moving fine. Looking like the Ja of old. He’s going to be the Ja of new which is great to see.”

Tuesday was Morant’s first practice, first five on five workouts since the injury and let’s just say the former Murray State star…impressed.  “He looked pretty good. I don’t know it you guys got a good look at him but he had a good scrimmage, a couple of good plays. Good dunks. He’s very bouncy. Obviously, we all know he’s athletic. He made some good decisions as well. Obviously a good day for him to build off of and continue to grow,” said newcomer Jae Crowder.

“Yeah, it’s almost like the first day of school again. I was able to get some sleep but waking up this morning, I was very excited to come out here. It was like, wow, you’re having your first NBA practice today. It felt good. I was really just trying to come out here and get better. Going through practice, I felt I was 100-percent. Felt good. Just getting my feel for the game back,” said Morant.

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