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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — During last week’s rain, you could see the collapsed roof, but from almost any side you could see water pouring from the building at 107 South Main Street after the roof took out a sprinkler system.

It flooded neighboring homes and city leaders were worried this is just the beginning.

“If you neglect a building long enough, and I can point you to other examples, it will fall down eventually it’s called demo by neglect,” said Paul Morris with the Downtown Memphis Commission.

The Commission has been in and out of court for two years trying to get the place fixed up.

Judges and inspectors have not agreed that the building was a danger, but now Morris said he is trying very hard not to say “told you so”

“It’s a great vibrant block. It used to be the worst block in Memphis; now it’s one of the best,” he said.

The 100 block of Main has blossomed with bustling with restaurants and loft apartments.

Tourists said it is a great place to visit.

“We like it. Walking up and down the street trying to figure out what restaurant we’re trying this time,” said Anita Shimwell.

Others want 107 Main to redevelop it but owner Thomas Long hasn’t accepted any offers.

An inspector will go through again and decide if the build is still safe to just stand or if it’s time has run out.