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(Memphis) Speaking to a large group of North Memphis residents, Councilman Lee Harris told them their presence at City Hall last week made a big impact on keeping Fire Station 6 open until September.

“I was tickled to death that every seat was taken by the North Memphis coalition,” he said.

Members of the group said they are fired up over their latest victory.

“That was one of the greatest feelings I had,” Linda Ward said.

Ward vows she won’t stop her fight until her neighborhood station stays open for good.

“We are coming together and will make it a big wrap and claim a victory because this is what we need over here,” she said.

Another rumor circulating added fuel to their fire, the possibility of “rolling brownouts.”

We’re not talking about electricity, but fire stations.

Hypothetically, a different station would close every day to save money on overtime.

“That’s worse than electricity,” North Memphis resident Michael Williamson said. “That makes no sense at all.”

Both the city and the Memphis firefighter union say at this point rolling brownouts are only being “considered.”

“Nothing has been said about when it will start or if it will start, but it is something that is being discussed,” MFFA President Thomas Malone said.

Still, the idea raises concern.

“I worry about safety for the older people because they can’t take care of themselves,” Williamson said.

That’s why this group says its fight is just heating up.

The group says it is encouraging everyone to show up at the next council meeting.