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GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — Lettuce Eat is the place people go for healthy food on the run, like chopped salads and wraps, but the men who recently entered the restaurant were interested in a different kind of green.

“I was on the way here and the kitchen manager called and told me someone had broken in there was police outside and you could see the glass,” Chase Kelley said.

Two men wearing hoodies broke out the glass window, walked into the restaurant, and grabbed the cash register and safe.

“It frustrated me, and I’m not the one who put money into it, I just work here. I take pride in working here, and it felt like someone’s breaking into your house, to be honest,” Kelley said.

The store’s owner is just 26 years old. The restaurant is her baby, and she’s on a mission to bring healthy food to the Mid-South.

Her customers support her for her energy and drive, and can’t believe these crooks could be so bold.

“It makes people discouraged to want to do things here in the city,” Sheronda Williams said.

Williams and so many others say the crooks actions has just given them drive to keep coming back to help pay for the security the store had to buy.

“The window got fixed this morning, we got security alarm installed and we’re going to start locking everything,” Kelley said.

The men got away. One of them went out the front door, the other out the back. Officers are looking at even more security cameras to see if they can help figure out which way the men went.

If you recognize the men in the video, contact Germantown Police.