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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — There are many reasons why loose dogs roam Memphis streets.

This week, the issue hit a little too close to home for WREG, when a loose pit bull attacked one of our producers in the Orange Mound area.

Driving around Orange Mound and South Memphis Friday, WREG saw several loose dogs without collars.

It is something WREG Producer Dray Maxwell has seen around his neighborhood but came face to face with Thursday night.

“I mean, he got me. He got me good,” Maxwell said.

He was out for a run last night in Orange Mound, near Kimball.

“Turned the corner and saw like a pack of them. There were three of them there. Two of them backed up, but one of them just wasn’t bowing down,” Maxwell recalled.

He said they faced off for a minute, but the pit bull continued coming towards him.

“I turned around and bolted, and he was on the way behind me,” Maxwell said.

He ran through a few yards then jumped a fence.

But before he could get away, “He just nipped me like right at the end as I cleared the fence.”

Maxwell needed stitches to close up the gash.

He remains a dog lover. He owns three pit bulls himself.

He just hopes that pet owners, along with the city, can do a better job of keeping dogs from wandering Memphis streets.

It is possible that dog fighting issues or poor pet ownership contribute to the amount of dogs that roam.

“That’s not just in my neighborhood. That’s everywhere,” Maxwell said.

WREG put in a request with Memphis Animal Services to find out how many vicious dogs calls it has responded to in Orange Mound over the past year.

We did not immediately hear back.