Rhodes College student carjacked next to campus

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Rhodes College campus is beautiful and peaceful, but what happened across the street Wednesday night is nothing of the sort.

Police said a 19-year-old student was parked behind a home on University Street around 9 p.m. when two young men with guns came up to her car.

Investigators said one of the men opened the driver's side door, pulled the woman out and threw her on the ground. They said he told her to be quiet as he pushed his foot down on her back. Seconds later, the men jumped in her car and drove off.

The incident is shocking to fellow students who never thought a violent crime like that would happen so close to campus.

"That's so terrible that something like that could happen to someone," senior Caroline Bond said.

"I would never think in a million years that it would happen around here," a freshman student said.

"I'm sure that's one of the last things she was expecting to go through," freshman Matthew Popkin said. "My heart really goes out to her."

The woman's boyfriend said she was outside his house when it happened. He also said his girlfriend was too upset to say anything on camera.

The college said it's adding patrols in the area to keep students safe. That's welcome news to young men and women who feel more vulnerable now.

Police said the victim's vehicle was used in another carjacking later that night at a Parkway Village apartment complex near Getwell and American Way. Investigators found the car, but there was no sign of the bad guys.

Rhodes students hope whoever's responsible for what happened next to their campus is caught soon.

"I'd like to see them thrown in prison right? I mean, that's probably what should happen to them if they're pointing guns and taking peoples' cars," a student said.

Police haven't said if the same two men are suspected in both carjackings.


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