Reward Offered For Helping Authorities Find Dog Fighting Locations

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(Memphis) Crime Stoppers has nine $1,000 dollar rewards for nine people who call with a tip that leads to an arrest of a dog fighter.

Humane Society Executive Director Alexis Amorose introduced News Channel 3 to Starry Nights, a pitbull that had one of its ears completely ripped-off in a dog fight, "It's a great concern to us because when you talk about animal cruelty, that's animal cruelty times a thousand."

She says the world of dog fighting is one that many are too afraid too speak-up about.

"It has the presence of gambling. The presence of drugs. The presence of gangs," Amorose pointed out.

It's something News Channel 3 learned when we reported on the arrest of an alleged dog-fighter in North Memphis.

"Why don`t you want us to talk about it?" asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

"Because it's not our business," said the man who lived down the street from the alleged dog-fighter.

"It's not our business that people are fighting dogs?" responded Hall.

Amorose says it's all of our business and investigators rely on our tips.

"You have to report it. Ninety-nine percent of animal cruelty cases come from concerned citizens who say 'I am going to step-up. I am going to do my part and I am going to help that animal," said Amorose.

Amarose says one thing to look-out for are dogs chained-up in a backyard that can't play with each other.

"Are there late-night gatherings happening in back yards? Are there high number of dogs? Are you seeing a lot of injuries on the animals? Dogs with a lot of cuts, particularly to their face, their neck, their head and their ears?"

Amarose says any of those could be evidence of dog fighting.

If any of that sounds familiar to you, report it.

If you think you know someone who is fighting dogs, you only need a tip that leads to an arrest, not a conviction, to get that $1,000 reward.

If you think you know someone, call Crimestoppers at 901-528-CASH.

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