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Jerry’s Ice Cream – 88
1657 Wells Station Memphis, TN 38108
Violations include: employees preparing food without hair restraint, dirty utensils stored in hand sink #1, inoperable three compartment sink, dirty flavor dispenser nozzles, hot water off at three compartment sink, inoperable toilet and urinal, clogged mop sink, dumpster plug not provided, uncovered HVAC ducts, damaged floor tiles, dirty walls, dirty equipment exterior.

Burger King – 86
6700 Stage Rd. Memphis, TN 38134
Violations include: ice machine has black slime present, containers of lettuce, tomatoes and onions are not date marked, employee not wearing a hair restraint, food particles on bottom of reach-in freezer, brooms and mops must be stored hanging, current permit not posted – expired in June, most recent inspection not posted (December 2021 was posted).

Restaurante Y Panaderia Mary, Inc. – 84
3896 Macon Rd. Memphis, TN 38122
Violations include: condensation leak inside walk-in cooler, frozen shrimp thawing improperly, unlabeled food containers, flies present, uncovered ready-to-eat food items, employees preparing food without hair restraint, dirty wiping cloth stored on prep tables, ice scoop stored on top of ice machine, dirty pots stored on floor, clean utensils stored improperly, single service cake covers stored upright, rusty bottom shelves on prep tables, dirty three compartment sink, dirty interior of freezers and coolers, dirty food containers, dirty equipment exterior, dirty floors, dirty walls, unnecessary articles stored throughout.

Bamboo Garden Restaurant – 84
2235 Whitten Rd. Suite 101 Memphis, TN 38133
Violations include: raw food stored above vegetables inside walk-in cooler, improper cold holding temperatures – broccoli and lettuce were left out on counter and were above 41 degrees, no date marking on eggrolls that were cooked yesterday, no food thermometer to check food temperatures, employees put food in cooler after feeling the outside of the container to check it it is cold enough, unlabeled food that’s not in original packaging, uncovered food in coolers, employee not wearing hair restraint while prepping food, rusty refrigerator door, floor tile missing at back door, dirty walls and dirty equipment, current permit not posted, most recent inspection not posted – current one posted is from 2020.

Inspector’s Comment: “I was told that they switch the broccoli and lettuce every 20 minutes. I recommend that they used time as a public health so they can continue to leave broccoli and lettuce on counter so they wont be written up for improper cold holding. I left time as a public health sheet and explained how it works. Please pay for permit within 24-48 hours.”

Dixie Queen – 76
1472 E. Shelby Dr. Memphis, TN 38116
Violations include: cooked wings stored in a discarded chicken box, worn cutting boards on prep cooler, TCS (temperature control for food safety) foods not maintained at 41 degrees, no date markings on chicken wings, prep cooler temperature was 57 degrees, fish were thawing improperly, flies observed flies in food prep area, ice cream left uncovered in freezer, employee not wearing proper hair restraint, wiping cloths stored on prep cooler, dirty floors and equipment, vent-a-hood filter is dirty.


Carrington Oaks Coffee House
914 Carrington Oaks Collierville, TN 38017

Pepe’s Tacos To Go
3135 Kirby Whitten Rd. Memphis, TN 38135

Son Delicias Danegas
546 Berclair Rd. Memphis, TN 38122

Sonesta Es Suites
6141 Old Poplar Pike Memphis, TN 38119

Taco Bell
6720 Stage Rd. Memphis, TN 38134

Note: 11 school cafeterias made 100s this week.