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Waffle House #317 – 88
1550 Sycamore View Rd. Memphis, TN 38134
Violations include: lettuce is turning brown inside reach-in cooler, whole tomatoes contain mold, unlabeled containers in cooler, boxes of to go plates and boxes that contained condiments stored on floor inside storage area, cooking oils stored on floor next to dishwasher, employee not wearing hair restraint while preparing food, bucket used as scoop stored in ice machine, ice build up in freezer, no test strips available, dumpster left open, brooms and mops need to be off the floor and hung, floor tiles damaged and puddle of water by broken floor tiles.

Asian Star – 87
6158 Stage Rd. Memphis, TN 38134
Violations include: employees spotted eating in kitchen, raw food stored above ready-to-eat foods, no food thermometer to check temperatures for cooling methods, unlabeled containers of food, uncovered food in cooler, current permit not posted – expired in June 2022.

Grand Pacific – 84
6196 Stage Rd. Memphis, TN 38134
Violations include: hand sink by 3 compartment sink does not have hot water, both cold holding tables are not maintaining temperatures of 41 degrees, unlabeled containers in cooler, flies and gnats present in kitchen, grocery bags of ice stored on top of food in prep cooler, food stored on floor in walk-in freezer and storage area, open bag of food in storage area , wiping cloths left on counter in server area, cups used as scoops stored in flour, water in cooler needs to be mopped up – spilled blood and water on floor of walk-in cooler.

Red Hook Cajun Seafood – 82
6105 Stage Road Bartlett, TN 38134
Violations include: no paper towels at hand sink by grill and walk-in beer cooler, potatoes and corn did not reach temperatures of 135 or more, corn temp at 110 and potatoes at 79, no thermometer in cooler, unlabeled food in walk-in cooler, gnats present in the kitchen, uncovered lemon at server station, uncovered food inside walk-in, bucket of cookies stored on floor inside walk-in, big bag of potato starch on shelf needs to be in a sealed container, employees were not wearing hair restraint, scoop stored in food container, cutting boards need to be replaced – too many grooves, women’s restroom needs a lid on waste container for sanitary napkins, employee restroom is dirty, dumpster lid is broken and not enough lid to completely closed, mops and brooms need to be hanging in storage, current permit expired in June 2022.

Inspector’s note: I encourage manager to use time as a public health for the corn and potatoes. I informed him that it would be the better option since he want to get his hot food out quicker.

Oyo Townhouse – 68
6101 Shelby Oaks Dr. Memphis, TN 38134
Violations include: ice machine needs to be cleaned and sanitized, dumpster doors left open and trash on ground near dumpster, chemical bottles on housekeeping cart not labeled, light covers missing throughout the 4th floor hallway, no telephone service, no tissue or paper towels in men’s restroom, current permit expired in June 2022.

Room Notes
304: no coat hangers, pillow and sheets stained, ice buildup in freezer, paint chipping on the walls
407: no evacuation plan, light covers missing, night stand switch is damaged, mattress pad stained, no coat hangers, stains on shower curtains, rust on floors by bed
414: no smoke detector, shower head is hanging out of the wall, stained mattress, sheets and pillows stained, chair damaged,


Baja Grill
4060 Billion Rd. Memphis, TN 38127

Breath of Life Culinary Food Service
3795 Raleigh Frayser Blvd. Memphis, TN 38128

Grace Celebration Lutheran Church

Parnell’s Frozen Treats & Eats (Mobile Unit)
1568 Berryhill Rd. Cordova, TN 38016

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers & Spirits
10211 Collierville Rd. Collierville, TN 38017

Note: 20 school food services made 100s this week.