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Dunkin Donuts – 84
775 N. Germantown Pkwy. #101 Cordova, TN 38018
Violations include: employees must be educated on hand washing after switching tasks, no paper towels at hand washing sink, improper date marking, several unlabeled food containers (sugar and bagel seasonings), ice build up inside walk-in freezer, orange juice stored on floor of refrigerator, employees must wear hat or hair restraint while prepping or serving food, trash present and dumpster door open, posted permit expired on 6/30/22.

Inspector’s Note: Follow-up scheduled in 10 days.

Jack Pirtle’s Carry Out – 82
890 Thomas St. Memphis, TN 38107
Violations include: Improper hot holding temperatures – fried gizzards were at 130 degrees, fried chicken was at 125 degrees, presence of fruit flies, open container of tea, dirty wiping cloths stored on prep table, clean utensils stored improperly, large box of single service cups stored on the floor, rusty equipment, dirty interior of freezers and coolers, dirty food containers, mop sink is not installed, dirty restrooms, grease buildup throughout property. Dirty equipment, floors, walls and ceiling, unshielded bulbs, current permit must be posted and paid immediately.

Los Comales – 75
4774 Summer Ave. Memphis, TN 38122
Violations include: employees not washing hands after changing kitchen duties, soap not provided in hand sink, alcohol and windex stored next to food and beverage items, thermometers not provided in all coolers and freezers, unlabeled food containers, uncovered ready to eat food items, dirty wiping cloth stored on prep table, ice scoop stored on top of ice inside ice machine, clean utensils improperly stored, unpainted wooden storage shelves, dirty interior of cooler, inoperable warewashing hand sink, trash behind dumpster, grease build up throughout as well as dirty equipment, floors, walls and ceiling. Unshielded light bulbs, inadequate lighting in warewashing area, current permit must be paid and posted immediately.

Piccadilly To Go – 72
775 N. Germantown Pkwy. #102 Cordova, TN 38018
Violations include: employees must wash hands between tasks, PIC (person in charge) was advised on how to properly reheat pork chops to 165 degrees and proper cooling method as the temperature was 115 degrees, improper cooling down process for food – manager educated on cooling methods as pork chops not properly cooled down. Date marking should indicate a discard date, sanitizer buckets need to be properly labeled, improper cooling methods for pork chops in back kitchen area, all white containers must be labeled, observed two pans of seasoning stacked on top of another large white bucket of seasoning, pans must be stored separately properly and on the table, extremely low sanitizer in sanitizer buckets, scoops must be stored properly, employees need educating on importance of changing gloves between tasks, ensure grease trap is cleaned regularly (once a week).

Inspector’s note: Follow-up is scheduled due to critical violations present during the inspection.


Aramark Correctional Food Service (Jail East)
6201 Haley Rd. Memphis, TN 38134

Church Health Center
1350 Concourse Ave. #142 Memphis, TN 38104

Joe’s Crabshack (Bar)
7990 Horizon Center Blvd. Memphis, TN 38133

The Occasions Banquet Hall
6090 Macon Cove Memphis, TN 38134